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“The Athens Resolution”

1. Decarbonisation and electrification of transport
MM is essential for a proper phasing in of zero-emission transportation alternatives and to intelligently combine all kinds of electric transport.
2. Driverless vehicles and digitalisation
MM is needed to smartly embed these concepts in the transport system whilst avoiding counterproductive effects and optimising the benefits.
3. Connected cities and connected hinterland
Successful MM integrates health, environment, energy and mobility objectives into land use planning and urban development.
4. Reclaiming public space
MM enables attractive design of public space with easy access for walking, cycling and public transport.
5. Sharing and Mobility as a service
MM is essential to get the best out of sharing in order to reduce traffic and increase the efficiency of vehicle and infrastructure use.

Keynote Speakers

The ECOMM 2016 organising team.